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My Mommy Is Beautiful! (gallery)


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  1. khaing zin phyoe

    i like

  2. Nad Racnipo

    All of this is so lovely! Unfortunately my children are all grown as I would love to do the same as these nice people and post my own pictures. Over the years there were precious few times when we could be nude together but we did have them. This is definitely a healthy way for parents and children to be, esp in their formative years. In my case I do not have a big philosophy to explain this; common sense should tell most people to not allow a clothing or excessive modesty barrier to separate parents and children. When wholesome opportunities with extended family or other nudists are available a fuller social experience will be most helpful in forming young peoples moral values. Morality and social interaction should not be twisted or polluted with false hang-ups and fixations about our bodies. Sadly, we all will encounter these in other people but we who understand nudity should keep them out of our own family. I have found that very immoral people feel that keeping their clothes on somehow covers their bad behaviour and normalises them with moral people. What a farce! The lesson of the Garden of Eden should instruct us all: Eve (and Adam) decided to do things their way which was don’t listen to God and put your clothes on. The world we must live in now is the result of their folly and that means we often can’t be nude. But we keep finding the Way.

    1. Tom Chase

      Yes, I quite agree. Nudism is a very healthy way to relate honestly with family members. In my family my mother enjoyed being nude, and my father didn’t. So in the afternoon, when I came home from school, my mother would be nude. I think I was about 14. I’d sit in a chair while she walked around doing housework, and we’d talk, and talk. I really liked seeing her nude, and she’d let me look at her. At first I was shy, but after a while I got nude in my room and went and sat in a chair in front of her. She didn’t say anything, but she smiled, and we just kept talking. It was great fun.I highly recommend family nudism.

  3. SALEM


    1. Wally Vogel

      So true,they excite us men to be chosen by a dude who becomes a wife,someone’s mother and other family ties titles also.Daughters,sisters, aunts and cousins too all exist due to women how families are founded.

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