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1. Membership in NIFTY shall be open to anyone who supports the elimination of legislation forcing the wearing of clothing in public spaces.

2. NIFTY membership shall be by donation, with no minimum. Lack of financial means shall never be a barrier to NIFTY membership.

3. All NIFTY events shall be clothing-optional if possible. No NIFTY event or function shall he nude-only or clothed-only unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

4. All public NIFTY events shall be open to anybody without discrimination. There shall be no quotas of any kind, and people can be asked to leave or barred based solely on their own behaviour. Such behaviour must have predictable negative consequences.

5. NIFTY shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, colour, creed, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other basis unrelated to behaviour.

6. NIFTY shall be, as much as possible, a grassroots democratic organization. No president or permanent chair shall exist. A chair shall be elected at each NIFTY meeting for the purpose of that meeting only, their term ending with that meeting. The only table officers are the secretary and the treasurer.

7. All decisions at NIFTY meetings shall be made by consensus if possible. In the event that consensus cannot he achieved after reasonable attempts, a vote shall take place, with majority rule carrying.

8. NIFTY meetings shall be non-smoking and clothing-optional if possible.

9. For a NIFTY meeting to be valid, reasonable attempts to notify the membership of that meeting, well in advance of said meeting, must he made. At least three members shall constitute a quorum.

10. Notwithstanding (7) above, to amend the NIFTY constitution, a two-thirds majority vote at a legitimate NIFTY meeting shall he required. Notwithstanding (7) above, to amend these bylaws. a simple majority vote at a legitimate NIFTY meeting shall be required.

11. No individual members may use cameras at NIFTY events. NIFTY may authorise camera(s) to photograph special events; in that case “no photo” wristbands and/or designated photography areas will be established, depending on the event. All participants shall be privately made aware of photography and release options at the entrance to the event.


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