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NIFTY Constutution, p.4

NIFTY recognises the fundamental decency, beauty, and non-obscenity of the natural human body. Further, NIFTY affirms the spiritual, psychological and physical health benefits of nudity and body acceptance for the individual and for society. A major part of our mandate is to educate the public about these benefits, and about the harmful effects of our …

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NIFTY Constutution, p.3

While many NIFTY members are nudists and naturists, we are neither a nudist nor a naturist group. Membership is open to any person who supports our vision of Canada and a world free of legislated clothing requirements. (NIFTY Constutution, Paragraph 3)

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NIFTY Constutution, p.2

NIFTY is first and foremost an activist political entity. Although organizing and engaging in social and recreational activities is necessarily part of our function, our primary focus must always remain on political organization towards full clothing-optional rights in all public spaces in Canada. (NIFTY Constutution, Paragraph 2)

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NIFTY Constutution, p.1

NIFTY is an organization of  people who oppose the legal ban on public nudity in Canada, and who are interested in  organizing politically towards the abolishment of that ban. (NIFTY Constutution, Paragraph 1)

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