Nudists Welcome!

nudists welcome

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  1. I’m new, in a sense to nudism, hanivg just begun to shed my clothes full time around the house and in my own backyard. My wife, unfortunately, does not, so far, share my interest and pleasure of total nudity (she, so far, stays covered almost all the time and would not dare shed her clothes outside). I’m pretty sure my next door neighbor, who’s looked over my wall both last week and again yesterday, while I was working in my yard, is aware of my nudity. But, so far, I don’t know his attitude. I’d like very much to see the whole neighborhood join me in nudity, though I’m careful to not go outside my house or backyard, with exception of my gated, screened entryway. I have found the experience very relaxing and enjoyable. Hopefully, in time, my wife and I may visit a clothing optional beach or resort where she can ease herself into the lifestyle I’ve come to enjoy. In the early 1990s while living off-base, I’m retired Air Force, in Moreno Valley, California I sunbathed nude in the backyard and resumed the practice here at my home in Las Vegas a few years ago until I stopped for a couple of years to quiet my wife’s protests. I resumed the practice recently and do not intend to go back. In fact, I shed my clothes as often and as fast I can once I’m home. The feeling is great. I applaud the mom who shed her swimsuit and joined her son at Rooster Rock State Park.

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