Petition to Make Third Beach in Vancouver’s Stanley Park CLOTHING OPTIONAL

Many world-class cities accommodate clothing optional beach and park spaces for nude enjoyment. Natural freedom and liberation from body-shaming are just two of the benefits. Third Beach in Vancouver’s huge Stanley Park is the ideal spot. If you agree, kindly sign the petition!

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Petition to make Third Beach nude optional

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    • Steve Earle on January 26, 2019 at 11:11 am
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    I am one of the most liberal people you will ever meet regarding nudism. I believe clothing should be 100 % optional except where there is a health or safety risk. I would allow nudism in all parks, public streets, shopping malls, etc. I would not allow it on construction sites, public transport or hospitals (hygiene). Churches would be allowed to decide for themselves (morality issue).

    However I think we have to be reasonable in our expectations in what society is ready to allow. The Vancouver Parks Board, being an elected body, would never take a political risk so huge to allow nudism at such a super high profile location such as 3rd beach, with thousands of tourist streaming by on rental bicycles.

    There is no place for even a bit of privacy for those of us who don’t want hundreds of tourists with telephoto cameras taking photos and posting them online. Cameras would be impossible to police. That is one of the reasons Wreck is so successful is that it offers a bit of seclusion from the mainstream.

    The Parks Board will be brief and dismissive. They will not take naturist organizations seriously if you make requests for clothing optional areas in super high profile locations. (I.e. behind closed doors their reaction would be “are they crazy?”)

    I suggest you revise your petition to a slightly lower profile location and save 3rd beach for another time when it might have a chance. Currently it would cause the Parks Board to slam the door and not take nudists seriously.

    Your location should be at least a little to the side and it is essential that it offers at least a partially secluded area for a bit of privacy. If that does not happen then you would only get a tiny group of people who strongly believe in nudist philosophy (mainstream would not use it, except to voy). I suggest a place like a corner of kits beach near the cliffs or near some trees, or perhaps an area of a city park with some hills or other backdrop like Queen Elizabeth Park.

    I love that you are forward thinking. The idea certainly opens up a conversation but it needs revision for others to take naturists seriously.


    Respectfully yours

  1. I think it’s a great idea thank you for your help and support

    • Marilyn on March 16, 2019 at 4:24 pm
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    NIFTY did not start the petition. We just published a link to it. Many of the people who go to Third Beach would go nude if it was allowed and they wear minimal clothing as it is. Some of them visit Wreck Beach too. But as for changing the location — you would have to contact the petition creators themselves.

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