Special Park Board meeting + update

Special Park Board meeting + update

Update! After hearing presentations from several speakers who go to Lord Byng and Templeton pools, the Park Board decided not to review the survival of Templeton for 10 years after the new Britannia pool is fully operational. And not to review Lord Byng for 10 years after a training facility becomes fully operational. This is double the time for the previously recommended schedule for review to see about tearing these lovely facilities down — it’s always better to repair than rebuild a pool whenever possible.
The commissioner who made this and other amendments talked about the importance of keeping these pools in good repair so they won’t have to be town down because of disrepair.
Many people spoke passionately on how they appreciate the quietness of these pools and that they are not overcrowded. Some speakers mentioned diversity.
It was not completely what we were hoping for but at least a big step in the right direction!
Thank you to those who went to the Park Board or sent in emails to express your concerns and let the decision makers know how much our small neighborhood pools mean to you!
URGENT! On Monday, October 28, 2019, at 6:30pm there will be a Special Park Board meeting about the VanSplash: Vancouver Aquatics Strategy – Report Back on the future of pools in Vancouver.
At 2099 Beach Avenue. Sign up to speak! Deadline is NOON on Monday, October 28.
If LORD BYNG or TEMPLETON POOLS are important to you, then please let the Park Board know! If they don’t think people are passionate about saving our smaller, neighbourhood pools, they might decide to tear them down. After all, it’s a new Park Board with several new commissioners who need to hear us!

Three ways to sign up to speak: on the website:https://vancouver.ca/your-government/speak-at-a-meeting.aspx

or email: pbmeetings@vancouver.ca

or phone: 604-257-8158


Also, you can send your comments directly to Park Board commissioners: see their individual contact info at this page:

or send an email that gets at least a message to them: PBcommissioners@vancouver.ca
The bottom line for Templeton and Lord Byng? The VanSplash recommendations say that these two pools “will remain open for a minimum of 5 years following replacement facilities at Britannia and Connaught Park becoming fully operational. Meaningful community engagement and a thorough impact study will be completed.”
While the idea of community consultation sounds good, that does not guarantee that the Park Board will do what the community wants. A large number of Templeton and Lord Byng pool users attended previous public hearings and yet the report still only recommends 5 years once other pools nearby become operational. It does not clearly recommend saving these two facilities.
This is not reassuring to us! It means that we could lose Templeton and Lord Byng pools — meaning that they MIGHT BE TORN DOWN — unless we tell the Park Board that they are valuable to their respective communities and should be saved. Remember that this is a brand-new Park Board and THEY need to hear from us loud and clear too, if there is any chance of saving Templeton and Lord Byng.
Never mind what some report says: what do the actual pool users want? We showed up in droves before and we can do it again — we have to if there’s any hope of saving the little pools that they see  as not economically feasible to operate. But pools are amenities for the good of communities, and should not be expected to meet economic expectations by cramming in as many people as possible into big, noisy facilities designed primarily to generate revenue, and not fulfill people’s interests in having a quiet relaxing time.
Besides, those big pools are not available for rent in the evenings and would be way too costly to rent them even if they did have time slots available. Which could make it really hard for NIFTY to continue to hold our pool-spa events if we lose our available small pools to hold our pool-spa nights.
Meanwhile, the more everyone continues to attend NIFTY pool-spa events at Templeton and goes to the ones at Byng too, this will also help to show the decision makers that we really do love and want to keep these pools.
If you care about the future of our small, quiet, relaxing neighbourhood pools then please at least take a few moments to send an email to the Park Commissioners, and plan to come out to what will no doubt be a lively meeting filled with robust dialogue and thoughtful presentations from stakeholders like us who feel passionate about saving our beloved neighbourhood pools!

Marilyn H. (for NIFTY)


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