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NIFTY swim confirmed for Renfrew Pool on April 7!

We are happy to announce another NIFTY nude optional swim event at Renfrew Pool for the first time in years!

This NIFTY swim is confirmed for Renfrew Pool at  2929 E 22nd Ave, Vancouver, BC, on Saturday April 7, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. It’s very easy to get to.

This swim will take place when Templeton will be closed for its annual spring maintenance closure — which means we will still have two NIFTY swims in April, one at Renfrew and the other at Templeton when it reopens later in April..

If the Renfrew swim is new for you, there are some fascinating features you might like. The Renfrew facility has a wonderful, large hot tub, a choice of depth levels, and lovely ambience.

There’s an unusual feature at Renfrew as well: cold jets in the shallow end of the main pool, which are a refreshing relief for sore legs. There is also an area for volleyball, an interesting shallow water area for toddlers, lots of deck chairs, a pool, and a small sauna. Come and be as active or relaxed as you like. It promises to be fun!

As with all NIFTY swims, this will be nude optional, and children must be accompanied by parents. Parents might appreciate the earlier start/end times — or anyone who wants more time after the swim to eat or socialize.

We have kept costs for participants as low as possible but we need to ask people to pay a slightly higher admission fee, as the rental costs NIFTY a lot more at Renfrew. So the fee will be $12 regular admission, and $6 concession.

We also need a minimum of 45 pre-payments but the good news is that we have over 20 people signed up already — so we just need a few more to commit!

You can pay until the next NIFTY swim on March 24, which will be our last one before the spring break. Your name and payment will be noted, and this will ensure you do not get charged again at the door. Donna, Korky, or Marilyn are able to record your payment from now until March 24.

The pool is very easy to get to. It is on the #25 bus route and the bus stop is close to the pool. It is also near the #16 bus and the 29th Avenue Skytrain station. There is also plenty of underground parking and street parking.

Help is always needed with tarping the windows. This is a bigger facility so we will start setting up and tarping at 5:30 pm and we can always use help with putting up and taking down the tarps. Note the earlier start and finish times for the swim — 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

We will plan on our usual group trip to a local restaurant after the swim, for those who wish.

NIFTY members have been asking us for years to host a swim at Renfrew Pool again and if the demand is there —  and it appears people are keen to have this Renfrew swim — we hope to go to Renfrew a little more often (possibly once a year).

So, thinking about checking out Renfrew? Why not try it NOW!!

Remember to bring your Renfrew payment to the next Templeton swim if you can, or pay Donna, Korky, or Marilyn if you see them before the Templeton swim. This will help us get to the 45 person threshold we need to guarantee we can go ahead. We’re almost halfway there!

We look forward to seeing everyone at Templeton on March 24, and then Renfrew pool on April 7th!

Thank you,


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