Barnston Bare Beach (Surrey, BC)

Barnston Bare Beach


Barnston Bare Beach.

Metro Vancouver purchased this prime piece of naturist real estate in 2009, ensuring public access once again to this historic nude beach found at the eastern point of Barnston Island in the Fraser River across from Port Kells. To get there head east on 104 Ave, east of 176 St. and north of the #1 Freeway where the road will end at the Barnston Island Ferry dock. Take the 5 minute ride on this free tugboat ferry across Parsons Channel to Barnston and then turn right and head east on the Dike road. Pass through the Katzie First Nation Reserve and continue driving until you reach the far eastern end of the island where the road will curve to the left following the shore. There is a metal gate you pass through on the right side of the road with parking on either side of the dirt road heading into the forest. An abandoned farm is located directly across the street from the gate where you can also park. Depending on weather and conditions you might be able to drive to the beach allowing access to those who are mobility challenged. The sandy beach changes with the height of the Fraser but during most of the year a flat expanse of sand is ringed with a mound of sand, making it popular for playing nude volleyball. Enjoy the view of the new Golden Ears bridge which is far enough away that visibility for passing motorists is not a distraction. If possible, plan on leaving your car on the mainland and taking your bike for this very scenic 9.8 km. ride around the entire island.

Source: Surrey’s United Naturists (SUN)


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